Word of the year: 2022

I have talked before about not liking resolutions because they very rarely stick, you end up missing a day and you think you're a failure so you just give up.


Instead, I like setting goals to work towards with a focus for the year.

I pick a word each year that has to do with what I want to accomplish. I've had a variety of them and I like how it shifts your focus and lets you align your goals properly. They have ranged from determination to love to focus to bloom, and many more.

This year I picked the word: Health. When you think of health, you're probably thinking here's another person wanting to lose weight. But before I lose you! Health covers SO many varieties. Yes, there's physical health but there is also mental health, financial health, emotional health and many more.

I have found when I am slacking in one of these areas, I tend to lose focus and slack in all areas of health in my life. So I've made a different focus having to do with health for each month of the year. I want to give myself the time to dig in, dig deep and work on these areas. If I need more time, I will take it. But I hope to build upon each month as I increase and strengthen my skills in these areas.


My question to you: what is your word? What is your focus?

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