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Wrap it up

With only 1.5 months left in the year, it's time to start thinking through what you need to do to wrap up the year and prepare for the next.

Here are a few things I do to wrap up the year:

  • Go through my house and get rid of anything I no longer use or need. Donate any of these items to a resale place. I actually take nice clothes to a consignment shop and then donate anything they don't want that may be too old or out of season.

  • Start gathering receipts needed for tax season. Check out my post on common tax receipt items. I highly recommend making a tax folder that you can drop receipts in as you get them throughout the year. This saves you time (and sanity) when preparing for tax season.

  • Make my Christmas and Hanukkah list of people I need to buy presents for, as well as the budget. I usually start my shopping early. Check out my free holiday gift checklist and budget tracking download.

  • Order my Christmas cards - both for Carolina Pineapple and my personal cards. I love minted for my business ones and Snapfish for my personal cards. Snapfish loves a good deal, so check their site for any good deals. (At the time I'm writing this post, there is currently a deal for 75% off cards). Check out my free Christmas card list download to keep track of all your names and addresses together, as well as checkboxes once you've sent the card.

  • Update my budget! You knew this was coming! What's worked in my budget? What's short or over or needs to be adjusted?

Here are a few things I do to get ready for the next year:

Go through my tax folder to see if there's anything I'm missing from the year or anything that has changed over the past year that I need to update on my list.

  • Update my budget! You knew this was coming! What's worked in my budget? What's short or over or needs to be adjusted? Yep, it's so important, I put it on both lists. If you need help with this, set up a coaching session.

  • Make a list of any tax items that you didn't have in the list above and make a list of items you will need to call or go online to find a copy.

  • Make a list of the once/year appointments and block out a 30 minute time slot to call and get them all scheduled at once.

  • Write down all important dates in my calendar for the next year, and go back a few weeks from the date and write it reminders. Ex. get a card, ask what they want for their birthday, order cake, etc.

When it comes down to it, the best way I can relax is by being prepared. Once I have these items knocked off my list, I know I don't have any scary items waiting for me (in dread) after the holidays are over. The best gift you can give yourself this season is the gift of being present with your friends and family, knowing you don't have a list 1 mile long of things to do to wrap up the year.

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