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Are you ready to jumpstart your financial and debt free journey but don't know where to start?

Finances In A Flash

The toolkit to jump start your finances.


Are you tired of...

...people who aren't in your circumstances telling you how to fix your finances?

...stopping and starting and only having 1 piece of the puzzle at a time?

I have been in debt, overwhelmed by the payments, how much I owed and no idea when or how I could ever be debt free.  Now I help people take stock of their finances and create plans to a new path that isn't so heavy with financial stress.

I created these worksheets after working with my clients and starting with the same information for each person.  Starting with this same information lead to my clients paying off over $25,000 in debt.  


Everyone needs to know these basics. I have broken it down into different worksheets that can be done on their own but add up to your financial picture. The time to start is now.

In this toolkit we will cover a variety of items including

What's inside (the details)...


*Monthly expenses, so that you know your minimum amount needed each month. 

 (A $15 value)

*Monthly bill tracker, so that you don't miss a bill because you didn't realize you hadn't received it, and your credit score doesn't take a hit.    (A $10 value)

*Debt tracker, so that you can keep track of all your debts, know the details and determine which method to use to pay off your debt.      (A $15 value)

*Subscriptions tracker, so that you can see if the price increases and if you are paying for subscriptions you no longer use.  (A $10 value)

*401k tracker, so that you don't leave old 401k's from past companies behind.

 (A $12 value)

*401k by age, so that you can compare where you are to the industry benchmark.  (A $5 value)

*Emergency savings, so that you know how much you would need each month in the case of an emergency and how much to have saved.   (A $12 value)

*Sinking funds, so that you can be prepared for non-monthly expenses.    (A $10 value)

*Savings tracker, so that you can stay motivated with any amount put into savings. (A $10 value)

*Holiday gift list and budget tracker, so that you can stay on track with your budget and what you are buying for gifts.   (A $12 value)

*Dates to remember, so that you can remember important dates in your life and track once you have bought cards or a gift.   (A $10 value)

*Savings fill-in tracker, so that you have a visual representation of your progress.  (A $5 value)

*Top tools, so you can save time searching for financial items and start using them. (A $20 value)


Total value:  $146

Today's price:  $32

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Here's the truth.

I was tired of people telling me there was ONE way to get out of debt.  Debt and finances are personal, and so is the path out.  This toolkit was developed to give you an overview so you can start to find your path out and what works for YOU.  The good news is YOU are capable of finding a new path and financial freedom.

The time to start is now.  Starting today is always better than tomorrow.

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