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I am SO glad you stopped by.  

My name is Elaine and I am passionate about helping people go after their career and money goals. 


Are you looking for more from life but don't know how to get it?  Do you want to make a change but don't know where to start?  Do you want to save money but can't stop spending?

I've been there.  And I'm here to help YOU. Ready for 1 on 1 coaching?

My passion is to empower women to make their dreams a reality.  With my experience and expertise, I am here to help you tackle your fears and achieve your dream and goals!

There are self-service options too.



I am here to serve

Unapologetic Carolina pineapple lover 

Sweet Deets

Fun Facts



I am a southern girl and love a monogram.



The pineapple is a sign of hospitality, welcoming all.



My passion is helping others achieve their dreams.


My Story

I started my business November 2020 after I received by PMP certification.  Between my past experience as a recruiter, clawing my way out of debt, my ability to bring large projects to a completion on time and my heart for helping people I knew I could make a difference.

Get to Know Me

The first question I typically receive is, why did I name my business Carolina Pineapple? Well, Carolina is because I live on the border of North and South Carolina.  Pineapple is because it's a sign of hospitality - all are welcome here. 

Let’s Work Together

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