My name is Elaine and I am glad you stopped by to check out my corner of the internet.

This site was started as an arm of my Instagram, Carolina Pineapple, which was started to help empower plus-size women. As I started to reach more people, I realized all women need encouragement and empowerment and I aimed to help empower all women. Whether it be through financial tips, goal achievements, organization tips, fashion, life experiences, etc.

We all know 2020 did not turn out as any of us expected. Instead of lamenting 2020, I looked around and saw fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of stepping into your destiny. Fear of failing. I, myself have struggled with these and fear of failing is one I struggle with daily. Who wants to put themselves out there, only to be laughed at, teased, or fall flat on their face? However, I guarantee you there are MANY more people out there to cheer you on, encourage you and root for you.

I'm rooting for you!

I want to empower women. I want women to have the tools to go after their dreams. Many people, especially this year, didn't move forward with their dreams because they were scared of the size of their dream, didn't know where to start, or didn't want to put themselves out there to possibly fail.

This is where I come in! I offer many services that I have gained, and relate to you, over the past 20 years. I used to be the person who would hug the hall at social events, just praying no one would notice me and I could be a wallflower. However, throughout life, I have learned how to buy a car (AND NEGOTIATE) on my own, I've been in a store shopping and offered a job because I basically sold a man a very expensive coat as he was getting ready to walk out (not out of sales tactics but just by asking him simple questions of what he wanted and what was most valuable to him), I have completed athletic feats I didn't think were possible, especially for a plus size person. I have gone after my dream job, and failed. Only to come back and eventually attain it. I have achieved certifications that are extremely hard to pass. By the grace of God, and preparation that He gave me. I have bought and sold homes, and traveled the world.

I want you to have your own list of accomplishments.

I believe in you.

I hope you'll let me help you.


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