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Trunk Club Try-On

You asked for a blog writeup with links to the items from my try-on, and I am here to help!

I'm so glad y'all have been enjoying the try-on's and finding things you will feel confident in.

This is by far my favorite trunk I have received. As always, you can see the videos and what I think about everything saved to my highlight on Instagram.

My first outfit is by far my favorite and perfect for date night.

The details:

Jeans: These ankle length jeans are comfortable, a great color, with stretch that you will be Thankful for after your Thanksgiving dinner.

Boots: I love the color of the boots, and the details on the bottom. Y'all know it's all in the details for me.

Earrings: These earrings are jacket earrings that add a fun pop to your outfit.

Yes, I know my eyes are closed but this is the best picture of all the products. And also, you have to have fun with whatever you do.

The details:

Sweater: The sweater is warmer than you would think at first glance. It's like Goldilocks, not too hot and not too cold; just right.

Coat: This houndstooth coat is a favorite. The picture on the website definitely shows a lite grey, but what I got is what I could classify as black. It's a knit jacket that gives me all the cozy vibes, making me want to curl up in front of a fire. The removable hood lets the coat float from function to function, vibe to vibe, dress up and dress down.

Leggings: While you can't see the pattern well in the picture, these are the Redwood Plaid color option. They do come up high so they'll suck you in and the subtle pattern will let you wear it in a variety of locations.

Earrings: This second pair of Madewell earrings were my favorite. While it's listed as a large hoop, I didn't think it was too overwhelming and they're hollow, so very lite weight and you won't have to worry about it hurting your ears.

Shoes: The shoes are Ugg's and they are beyond comfortable - but this is what I've come to expect from the brand. It also comes in a solid grey, with a grey band, which I would like to get. It seems like a great neutral.

The details:

Sweater: The sweater is comfortable and I like the cut of it: from the neck to its shape. However, I love my brighter colors.

Additional items:

Tote bag: This bag is actually from LL Bean and I've had my eye on it for awhile. When they offered it in the trunk, I was excited to finally see it in person.

Purse: This structured purse is great for anyone who doesn't carry around a planner with them. It gives room, with an inner zippered pocked and outer magnetic pocket as well.

I love getting the Trunk Club because it lets me try styles, colors or patterns I may not try otherwise. If you would like to try Trunk Club as well, use think link and we can BOTH get $50 credit to our Trunk Club accounts!

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