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Goal refresh

Does this sound like you?

You had a great goal you wanted to accomplish, you said you were going to start or maybe set it as a new year's resolution. And you did start. And it went well for a couple weeks...maybe a month or so, but then your desire to continue on started to wane. Maybe your goal was losing weight, being more organized, paying off debt, finding a new job, saving for a trip, going on a trip, buying a house or one of the many other goals you have floating around in your head.

I've been there. Life happens. Priorities change.

And that is why there is a goal refresh. There is nothing wrong with taking a look at your goals and deciding it isn't as important as you once thought it was and there is something else you want to work on. Or maybe you want to slightly alter your goal.

That is the great thing about goals - they can change and update as your life changes.

I set out goals for the year of what I wanted to accomplish. I've been working on them...although I will admit I have been working harder on some more than others. I think at the start of the year, I always feel cleansed and like I have a fresh start. This is great but it can sometimes lead to wanting SO many goals that I get overwhelmed.

As I head into June and the halfway mark of the year I am looking back on these goals and really taking stock in what is serving me and, more importantly, what is no longer serving me.

Please understand - there is nothing wrong with re-prioritizing, shifting or completely changing your goals. You are constantly growing and evolving as a person, so it only makes sense that your goals will as well.

This is my challenge to you. Think back on your goals and the past 5 months. Have you worked toward your goals? Have you started working on them and then tapered off? Are you fired up about some goals but not all of them? Is it because your heart isn't in it or because you don't know where to start or because you lack accountability? Be honest with yourself.


Then come out with goals for the next 6 months to finish off the year. OR if that is overwhelming to you, make 3 month goals.

I will be honest with you: I have completely removed two goals from 2021 goals because they aren't the things I'm most excited about and my heart just isn't in them. I am altering 1 goal to be more in line with my vision for the remainder of the year.

It is okay to change your mind. And it is okay to ask for help. I am always here to help you break down your goals into manageable action items and keep you accountable to attaining your goals.

You CAN do this!

How are you altering goals for the remainder of the year?

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