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Getting to know Maghon Taylor of All She Wrote Notes

Whether in person, online or via Zoom, Maghon Taylor is the same - honest, joy-filled and on a mission to spread that joy to women's lives. I had the pleasure of taking two of Maghon's classes at Swoozie's in Charlotte a few years ago, and the same bright, bubbly, wears her heart on her sleeve, radiating joy woman showed up to chat with me on Zoom.

Maghon started her business years ago on her iPhone 4 out of her spare bedroom in her house while she continued working her day job. She says she has a work bestie from each job she's held who she's still in touch with, and they even come help her pack orders when she needs a few extra hands. "They encouraged me from the first set of notecards I ever made and are still the people in my life right now." One thing is for certain, she's as loyal as she is bright and joyful.

Her joy is something I am reminded of each time I spread my message of "No is not a bad word," as it echoes Maghon's message of "Turn your mistakes into confetti." Whether they are current or past mistakes, you learn, you grow and you come out on the other side, better for what you learned. Confetti is a common theme for Maghon in her sayings, products, and in her new book, Betty Confetti. Her heart is to teach kids from a young age to turn things around and their mistakes into confetti. Hopefully a lesson that follows them through life. As she turns scrap paper and paper with lettering "mistakes" into confetti by running them through a shredder, she wants to remind people that just because you see things one way doesn't mean that's the final answer. You can turn mistakes into confetti, and something to celebrate. She likens her idea of turning mistakes into confetti to "that quote about some day your story will be a page in someone else's survival guide." She hopes this book will be a page in someone else's survival guide.

Betty was also her Grandma's name, who passed away before her book tour for Happy Hand Lettering, so she never got to see that book or Betty Confetti. Knowing that, it meant the world to her to have the main character's name be Betty. She has dreams for the future, including a Betty cartoon! She would also love for Dolly Parton or Robin Roberts to come across Betty Confetti. Especially as Robin Roberts loves the phrase "Turn your mess into your message" and she knows that is something God can orchestrate. One thing Maghon echoes is that Betty is bigger than her. It has a possibility to impact things and people that she, Maghon Taylor as All She Wrote Notes, can't.

Her faith has grown alongside her business and her dreams, from starting her own business, to jobs, to what to step into next. When stepping into new adventures, she prays for wisdom and a clear sign either yes or God will "slam a door, slam it on my hand, hurt me, make me freak out and step away. I'm so driven and passionate and I'll put my head down and keep going, so if it's not a crazy huge sign, I won't notice it. I'm thankful God loves me enough to put the brakes on my plan and vision." And she prayed the same when it came to purchasing the first physical location of All She Wrote Notes. She found a cute, little yellow house with the kindest mailman, which is a necessity for her with all her shipping. However, when she went to put in the paperwork, she was told she couldn't have a mortgage for a house she doesn't live in, unless it's a rental property. Her dad told her the house wasn't in good shape, but she said she could make it happen. She prayed this bold prayer to slam the door if it wasn't meant for her. In the end, the little yellow house didn't work out for her but the same day they toured that yellow house, they also toured another location which God held the door wide open for her to step through. With multiple signs this was the place for her, she purchased the future location of All She Wrote Notes.

The new location will allow her to move her business out of the room over her garage and into a location renovated just for her needs. It will also allow 18 wheelers to not have to deliver in a residential neighborhood, although it does make for some interesting and hilarious stories on her Instagram account. With the help of her dad, she has been renovating the space, including demolition. She likes demo "because there's no precision. He [her dad] says I'm like a wrecking ball. I come in and tear it all out. I'm mistakes into confetti girl, I'm not the perfect girl, I'm not let's get it right the first time. Where's the fun in that?" She feels so much empowerment working over there. Her dad has never taken it easy on her: he doesn't cut the board for her, he shows her how to use the saw. The time spent with her dad, working in his element, on this renovation is "the coolest, greatest gift." She is focusing on the present and says about when the space will be finished, "It's such a gift of the time with my dad. I don't want to mess that up by rushing things, being stressed or being worried."

She has a vision for this space, which will be shared in time, but one thing is evident as she spoke with me. Her heart. Not only does she have a heart for sharing her joy and her testimony with customers, but also sharing her town and other small businesses she cherishes as well. One thing is for certain, this woman does not seem to be slowing down any time soon. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if she needed to hop in the driver's seat of one of those 18 wheelers to maneuver down her street. She's ready to face any challenge with her faith and family by her side. And I'm ready to cheer her on!

Be sure to follow her on Instagram and check out her website and the adorable Betty Confetti!

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