Finding Joy Again

I often find myself the most motivated to tackle and accomplish my goals when I am in a good, positive headspace. After the past year and the obstacles we have all faced, I found myself getting very negative, very quickly and wanting to give up.

It is during these times I find it incredibly helpful to not only get outside, enjoying the fresh air, but to take a walk and listen to a podcast....or three. While listening to a podcast, a question was posed. The question was advised to think back to a time in your life when you were the happiest and think about what you were doing.

  • What did life look like?

  • Were you in a specific workout routine?

  • In a relationship?

  • In your favorite job?

  • A new parent?

  • A new spouse?

  • Where were you living?

  • What were you doing?

  • Were you involved in a church?

  • Did you have community?

The point was to think about those times and think about what was making you so happy. I started thinking about it and I could pinpoint 2 distinct times. One was when I lived in Richmond, was doing weight watchers, losing weight, working out, doing fun runs with friends. I had a purpose, something I was working towards and a built in community that I looked forward to running with. Even when it was freezing cold. Or dark. Or I had no motivation. Sometimes I went just to hang out with my friends. The other time was when I was in a relationship.

So I decided to try to focus on some of those things that brought me so much joy. So this is my focus and undertaking for May. Actually, I think I will make that my summer focus. May - August. Finding joy and enjoying summer at the same time?! Yes, please!

My question to you is the same that was posed on the podcast. When were you the happiest and what did life look like?

Isn't it worth it to explore some of those thoughts and feelings and find your joy again? I think so. And I hope you'll join me on this journey. You can always set up a one on one coaching session for accountability, clarity and a focus on your goals.

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