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Facing your fears, and pushing through

Goodbye January, Hello February.

As I sit here to write this, I can't help but be scared of what I'm about to write. Something that I've been keeping in the back of my brain for the past few weeks, not wanting to wish it were true.

January was a great month for me. I pushed through fears and made calls, sent emails and asked for things I was afraid to ask for. Some of those turned out well, while some didn't elicit any response.

What were those scary things and also the positive things?

  • I reached out to two places to offer free workshops.

  • Two semi-famous accounts followed me on Instagram. I dealt with MAJOR imposter syndrome on this , wondering why the heck they would follow me. What could I possibly offer? And then, what was the protocol? Do I say thank you? Ignore them? Accept it was a mistake?

  • Tagging two accounts on my bucket list of people I would like to work with, and one responded!

  • Helping FOUR women!

  • Able to make a donation to support the local chapter of Girls on the Run, with a portion of the proceeds made during January.

  • Reached out to another account that I have followed for a long time and respect as a creator and business woman about a possible opportunity. Awaiting a response on that.

These are all awesome and many of them unexpected. Many people told me I needed to celebrate all these things, but I couldn't. Not because I wasn't happy but because I was scared. There was this one little thing that kept nagging me in the back of my mind. Many amazing and unexpected things happened in January, but what the heck would February hold?

Will I fail? Was January a fluke? Can I keep this up? How do I continue to reach more people? Help more people? Will they share their good experiences with/about me? Will I get repeat customers? Can I continue to offer products that serve and assist people right where they are?

Okay, putting it out there makes it a little less scary - it takes some of the fear away. It's amazing what exposing your fears to the light can do, isn't it? But it doesn't negate the fact that those are all possibilities.

But here's the truth. Some of those things may happen. But I am still me. I am still continuing with my passion, continuing to serve people. God gave me these passions and abilities and as long as I continue to use the gifts given to me to serve, I will continue to live my purpose. As someone who has felt like there was a purpose for me, and a reason I'm still alive, but had no idea what that purpose was, and to finally figure it out and live it makes a difference. Gives me a reason to continue, to persevere through the hard and continue to serve others.

Face your fears. Call them out into the light. Then push right through them and into your future, head held high and proud of what you've done and where you're going.

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