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Are you ready to finally make progress on your goals starting today?

Roadmap To Reach Your Goals

Finance and Career Edition


Are you tired of...

...wanting to reach your goal but having no idea how to make it happen?

...not knowing how to actually make the progress you need so you don't give up?

I love all things goals, goal setting and goal conquering.  But it wasn't always that way.  I could never find a system out there that worked for I created my own!

A combination of worksheets, google sheets and grit make breaking down your goals so you can actually take action today ATTAINABLE.


I created a mixture of videos, text, worksheets and google sheets to make it easy to understand and adaptable to whatever your goals and situation may be.  The time to start is now.

In this course we will cover a variety of items including

What's inside (the details)...

*8 topic lectures broken down into small segments


*Roadmap, so you know where you're going and how you're going to get there. (A $10 value)

*Brain dump, a video and worksheet so you can refine and start with a clear mind.  (A $15 value)

*Break it down, so that you understand the breakdown      (A $15 value)

*Break it down - goggle sheets, a video and access to a google sheet so that you can breakdown your goals using the digital option if that's your preference. (A $25 value)

*Break it down - worksheet, a video and pdf so that you can put pen to paper and break down your goals, easily gliding through the flow of the worksheet. (A $20 value)

*Dates and End Dates, a pdf  so that you have dates to work towards, prioritized and a clear direction.  (A $15 value)

Total value:  $100

Today's price:  $27

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Here's the truth.

I tried following the rules of how I was supposed to go about obtaining my goals.  It never worked for me.

Finally I decided to read all the books, take all the classes, combine what I learned and what I know works for me.  Then I refined that process over and over again over the last 20 years.  Now I'm making it available to you!

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